The Ultimate Guide for Winning Government Grants: 100 Golden Grant Rules

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Laura Foote, Air Traffic Controller, NAV Canada; Operations and Branding, Elevate Aviation

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You want to win a government grant. The only problem is…

  • You don’t understand grants
  • You don’t know if you’re eligible
  • You don’t really understand how grants work
  • You heard grants are available for you, but you need more information
  • You can’t find them
  • You don’t have a background in government
  • You’re not sure what to say (or not) to grant agencies
  • Your not sure if your writing style will work
  • You don’t know what to put in an application to make it standout
  • You’re not sure to hire someone to write it or do it yourself
  • You need information so this exercise isn’t just a big waste of time and money

The 5 most common reasons businesses like yours miss out on thousands of dollars in government grants…

  • 1 You feel overwhelmed by the process, so you never start
  • 2 You don’t have the time or expertise to get it done right
  • 3 You missed the deadline (then watched your competitors win the money)
  • 4 You tried to fill out the application, but gave up halfway through
  • 5 You filled out the application, but lost the grant, and gave up

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You don’t have to waste countless hours or drown
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