The Ultimate Guide for Winning Government Grants: 100 Golden Grant Rules

Don’t waste countless hours trying to figure out government grants. Get the knowledge, experience, and skills to succeed in government grants NOW available on Amazon in PAPERBACK or KINDLE.

“ABG helped our non-profit organization win a $426,000 government grant – the first time we applied! We have now won over $700,000 in government grants. If you are in Canada, and you want to win a government grant, you need to print, study, and markup these rules!”

Laura Foote, Air Traffic Controller, NAV Canada; Operations and Branding, Elevate Aviation

There IS grant money waiting for YOU!
Win it the first time with ABG

Learn the 100 things 95% of people don’t know about winning grants,
but are KEY to winning money.

You want to win a government grant. The only problem is…

  • You don’t understand grants
  • You don’t know if you’re eligible
  • You don’t really understand how grants work
  • You heard grants are available for you, but you need more information
  • You can’t find them
  • You don’t have a background in government
  • You’re not sure what to say (or not) to grant agencies
  • Your not sure if your writing style will work
  • You don’t know what to put in an application to make it standout
  • You’re not sure to hire someone to write it or do it yourself
  • You need information so this exercise isn’t just a big waste of time and money

The 5 most common reasons businesses like yours miss out on thousands of dollars in government grants…

  • 1 You feel overwhelmed by the process, so you never start
  • 2 You don’t have the time or expertise to get it done right
  • 3 You missed the deadline (then watched your competitors win the money)
  • 4 You tried to fill out the application, but gave up halfway through
  • 5 You filled out the application, but lost the grant, and gave up

I’m going to let you in on a secret:

You don’t have to waste countless hours or drown
in paperwork to win grants

With The Ultimate Guide for Winning Government Grants, we deal with “grant myths” and “best practices.” You will learn if grants are for you, how they work, and how others win the most money, in the least amount of time.

  • Find the right grants for you, fast
  • Ensure your application stands out
  • Learn the fundamentals before writing
  • Write a winning application with tips proven from the field
  • Learn how the government works
  • See where you’re eligible, get writing tips, and more

Is The Ultimate Guide for Winning Government Grants for you?

We have 100 grant tips for every type of industry and business. Allow us to show you the Table of Contents for
helping your unique needs – wherever you are on your grant journey.


What our clients say

“Head and shoulders above the rest”

“I’ve known David for several years. He is hard-working, organized and brilliant at securing government funding and winning awards. He has helped us build relationships with key stakeholders and win large government grants. If you’re trying to secure government funding, he is head and shoulders above the rest anyone else we have worked with.”


2019 Alberta Leading Edge Business Award of Distinction
2017 Alberta Small Business Award of Distinction,
2017 Innovation of the Year – AIRMILES Small Business Achievement Awards,
2016 Alberta Export Award of Distinction

“Dave suggested several tips…and we won!”

“5Blue Process Equipment Inc. provides the oil and gas processing industry with high quality, custom engineered products worldwide. Our first attempt at an export grant by ourselves didn’t work, so we had one of our staff attend David’s grant writing seminar. David reviewed our paperwork and suggested several tips. When we resubmitted our application, we won. We definitely got value out of his grant writing seminar and recommend it to anyone applying for grants.”

Kelly Smith P.Eng.

Founding Member and President of 5Blue Processing Equipment Inc.

“Took his seminar and was successful!”

“Just wanted to let you know that we ended up getting $10,000 from that grant after all so was great. Thanks for all your help.”

Lexi Wright

Editor – Cowsmopolitan Dairy Magazine

Meet Dave — the guy who’s won over $5 million in grants, in some of the most competitive grant categories

founder of Alberta
Business Grants

Hi, I’m David Kincade, founder of Alberta Business Grants.

You’re probably here because you’re frustrated with the grant process — from finding grants that are right for you to filling out the application on time.

But I’m here to tell you that grant writing doesn’t have to be a time-consuming, complex process that ends with you losing

out on money (and pulling out your hair, as a result).

When you download The Ultimate Guide to Winning Government Grants, you’ll dramatically increase your grant knowledge. The intention of the book is to be “the first step” in your grant journey, but as the tips grew more and more (became 100), it really has insight I’ve gained over 15 years in grants at ALL STAGES of the grant process. When you are done reading this guide, you will have a clear “Yes” or “No” to continue with grants.

The goal is to save you countless hours.

You’ll get access to my best tips, a grant writing expert with a background in politics and public relations, which will give you the competitive advantage you need to win the most coveted grants.

“Willingness to share your knowledge”

Alberta Producer

“Hi David, You continue to amaze me with the amount of work you do and your willingness to share your knowledge. From personal experience the Agricultural grants are a minefield. It is a ton of work to complete these grants and super frustrating to find out much later that you were not successful.

Keep up the good work!”

There IS grant money waiting for YOU!
Win it the first time with ABG

Learn the 100 things 95% of people don’t know about winning grants,
but are KEY to winning money.

Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Who is the book written for?

A. People serious about winning government grants

Q. Why should I read this book?

A. You’ll fast track your learning, and you’ll learn from my mistakes – for $20!

Q. I want to be a grant writer. Will this help?

A. Definitely! I give a pile of advice on this topic.

Q. I’m starting a business. Will this book help me?

A. Depends on the type of business. Before you buy this book, I encourage you to read this free startup blog first. The book is really meant for people already rolling or very serious about growing their business with grants.

Q. I’m a female entrepreneur. Will this book help me with female grants?

A. Not really. In my book, I argue that “female grants” are more myth than fact. You’ve probably already found this if you were doing some research. Often the money goes to organizations that serve female entrepreneurs. Instead of buying my book, read this free blog. If you’re a woman looking to grow your business with grant, then buy this book. You’ll be glad you did.

Q. I’m a trainer or consultant. Will this book help me?

A. 100%! I show you exactly the formula that other trainers and consultants have adopted based on my advice. Grants are a huge opportunity if you apply the rules in this book.

Q. I’m in another province in Canada. Will this book help me?

A. 100%. Many of the grants I write and teach are federal, but the same rules apply at the provincial and federal level.

Q. I’m in the USA. Will this book help me?

A. While I tried to incorporate USA examples, my experience is mostly in Canada. Many of the rules will be applicable in the USA, but you need to know up front that the book was written from a Canadian perspective. Having said that, a grant is a grant.

There IS grant money waiting for YOU!
Win it the first time with ABG

Learn the 100 things 95% of people don’t know about winning grants,
but are KEY to winning money.