Advanced Grant Writing Course

Learn to write a high-quality grant, faster.

Wednesday January 25, 2023 9:00AM MST

About the course

The desired outcome of this course is that students learn how to write their high-quality grant application, faster.

You will be taught the skills to successfully find grants, meet grant agencies, and write compelling government grant applications. Students write and build their master grant application with our guidance, feedback, templates, and draft answers. After taking this course, students can move forward confidently.

This class is for advanced grant writing. You will be working in an online learning environment. Students are required to keep each other’s work confidential as per the terms and conditions of the course.

How the Course Works

  • 1.5 hour per week for 12 weeks. Three 1-hour tutorials are included in the course.
  • The classroom facilitation is led with an instructor and delivered live via Zoom each week. David Kincade, MA will be the lead instructor for this course (see biography below). Other resources include a custom VIP grant package (i.e., a list of all your grants) as well as an online learning portal.
  • Systems and processes are available on the course platform 24/7.
  • Our draft answers and templates will be available to students.
  • We teach how to complete all aspects of a grant application in the most efficient order.
  • Students complete each week’s section for their master grant application before completion.
  • Upon completion of the course, you will earn an Advanced Grant Writing Certificate.

Ideal Students

  • Your industry has grants. See the list on this page for grant sectors.
  • Students include company founders, as well as employees in grant-eligible organizations.
  • Students are building a master grant application. This course is for large, complicated grant applications (i.e. emission reductions, geothermal, municipalities, non-profits, innovative, scaling technology platform, and exporting globally digitally).

Student Testimonial


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Three monthly payments of $1,750. GST included.

3x $1,750


One $5,250 payment. GST included.

1x $5,250

Course Syllabus and Training Details

Week One:

  • Grant Fundamentals.

Gain an understanding for which documents, information, and resources are critical to succeed in grant applications. Learn to engage and identify stakeholders in a way that builds trust.

Week Two:

  • Finding Grants

Learn how to efficiently and effectively find grants that fit your business. Become proficient at identifying and tracking government grants.

Week Three:

  • Lean Canvas

Develop the skills required to put your grant application on one page. Students complete a Lean Canvas model that answers the most important grant agency questions.

Week Four:

  • Meeting Preparation

Learn the steps and skills required when it comes to meeting with grant agencies and building trust. Create a meeting preparation template to ensure the most important questions are asked before you meet with the agency.

Week Five:

  • Project Management

Most grants fund projects, not general operations. Learn how to build clear and concise project plans, including objectives, anticipated outcomes, and deliverables. Large grants require business plans and financials. Learn to build business plans by leveraging grant application content.

Week Six:

  • Technology Roadmap

Grants require are clear technology path forward from conception to commercialization. Gain an understanding of technical details, communicating with technical teams, and which questions to ask. These answers can be integrated in the grant application. This method saves hours of time and strengthens a team.

Week Seven:

  • Marketing Overview

Learn how to think like a grant agency when it comes to marking. Draft thorough and compelling answers to the most common marketing questions.

Week Eight:

  • Intellectual Property

Nearly every grant application asks multiple questions about patents, trademarks, copyrights, and trade secrets. Learn to leverage exceptional resources to build great answers, save time, and reduce risk. Templates are available to assist students.

Week Nine:

  • Risks & Mitigation.

Governments want to mitigate risk. Learn how to communicate with risk-adverse grant agency staff. Our team has developed extensive checklists to ensure you are planning for risks that your business and project faces. You will have access to our draft answers and research to develop your own responses.

Week 10:

  • Economic Impacts

Grants are government money, and governments have economic goals. Learn how to communicate your economic impact in your grant applications. Leverage our government research content to present your application in the strongest position.

Week 11:

  • Bringing it all together

Students have gained the skills required to write a high-quality grant application, faster. In this class, students update and finalize the most critical aspects of their grant application. This class helps prepare students for the final presentation.

Week 12:

  • Individual Grant Presentation

Students will be given the opportunity to present their work. Feedback will be given from other students and the instructors. By the end of this course, students will have a high-quality grant application completed.

Other course details


  • Instructional Hours: 21. Each week on Wednesday class starts at 9am-10:30am MST. A one-hour monthly tutorial occurs (3 hours total).
  • Total Training Instructional Hours: 21 hours

Dates of Training

  • Begin: January 25, 2023
  • End: March 12, 2022

Course Title:

  • Advanced Grant Writing Course

Delivery Method:

  • Online


  • Advanced Grant Writing Certificate awarded at the end of class

Provider Name:

  • Alberta Business Grants Ltd.

Provider Type

  • Private Trainer

Mailing Address:

  • PO Box 88051
    Rabbit Hill Post Office
    Edmonton, Alberta T6R 0M5

Phone Number:

  • 780-297-6177




  • $5,000 plus GST
    In Alberta, you can apply for a grant to cover up to 2/3 or 100% of the course tuition. Using the course syllabus, you can apply to the Canada-Alberta Job Grant. See your provincial training grant to see if you qualify.

More Information

  • Ask up about possible training grants


David Kincade


David’s background includes nine years as a successful grant writer totalling over $4.5 million in wins. He has written several winning applications for nearly every prestigious business award in Alberta. He is the author of The Ultimate Guide for Winning Government Grants: 100 Golden Grant Rules.

Prior to Alberta Business Grants, David worked for four years at the Legislative Assembly of Alberta as a finance research analyst and executive assistant to the leader of the official opposition. He has taught political science students at the University of British Columbia, Wilfrid Laurier University, Grant MacEwan University, and the University of New Brunswick. David speaks enough French to get by and holds a Master’s degree in Canadian Politics specializing in media and public opinion. David has been a member of the Edmonton Sunrise Rotary Club for five years, volunteers with Elevate Aviation, and plays recreational hockey. David is committed to living a life of success and significance in his community.


“Completed more grants by far than his costs.”

“I have worked with David Kincade over the past year and find him both high integrity and very knowledgeable. David told us what he would do, when, and delivered every time. Uncommon in today’s world, so I highly recommend him. He has completed more grants by far than his costs.”


EY Entrepreneur Of The Year 2017™ CleanTech/Environment

“You found the best”

“I’ve known and worked with David for years. He is an expert at government grants, political process, and business awards. If you’re trying to secure government funding, you found the best.”


2016 Exporter of the Year & Premier’s Award of Distinction Winner

“Head and shoulders above the rest”

“I’ve known David for several years. He is hard-working, organized and brilliant at securing government funding and winning awards. He has helped us build relationships with key stakeholders and win large government grants. If you’re trying to secure government funding, he is head and shoulders above the rest anyone else we have worked with.”


2017 Alberta Small Business Award of Distinction, 2017 Innovation of the Year – AIRMILES Small Business Achievement Awards, and 2016 Alberta Export Award of Distinction

Student Testimonials


Early bird pricing available until December 16, 2022. Use this coupon: earlybirdjan23


Three monthly payments of $1,750. GST included.

3x $1,750


One $5,250 payment. GST included.

1x $5,250

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