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David Kincade

About David Kincade

Hi! I'm Dave! I help people win grants. I do that through helping them find the perfect grant. Next we win the meeting with the grant agency, then we write a great application. Peace of cake! Well...sort of :)

Small Business Grants – Ontario

2020-06-03T03:53:20+00:00Categories: Business|

Ontario Small Business Grants This grant blog addresses the following topics: Small business grants in Ontario are presented in the following categories: Agriculture, Indigenous, and technology Two secret gems Other Ontario small business grants and startup resources Do small business grants exist for startup companies? Yes. Are there many? No. Where are they? Further [...]

Honesty Never Gets Old

2020-06-01T16:34:23+00:00Categories: Business|

Honesty Never Gets Old Small Business Tip QUICK INTRO - I now have a YouTube channel. Please subscribe if you want to learn how to win government grants! Take care! Dave Hello Everyone, Many who visit my website want to start or grow a business. You can get a [...]

Launching a Business with Grants

2020-05-22T13:08:48+00:00Categories: Business|

Grant Resource Have you ever thought about launching (or relaunching) a business with grants? I received a question earlier this week from one of my readers. She was opening her retail business up and wanted to know if she could get a grant. It's a grant lesson for all of us, and I [...]

Small Business Grants BC

2020-05-23T22:36:50+00:00Categories: Business|

This grant blog addresses the following topics: Why few small business grants exist for startups Small business grants presented for startups in the following categories: agriculture, Indigenous, and technology Two secret gems Other small business grant resources for starting a business Do small business grants exist for startup companies? Yes. Are there many? No. [...]

Employee Grants

2020-05-11T19:56:44+00:00Categories: Business|

Employee Grants Employee Grants A Grant Mystery I'm going to show you something really cool this week. In my book 100 Golden Grant Rules, I write about Grant Delivery Agents (GDAs). Don't worry if you've never heard of them. Here is all you need to know: GDAs deliver grant money ON [...]

A Massive Mistake to AVOID in Grants

2020-05-05T23:16:06+00:00Categories: Business|

A Massive Mistake to AVOID in Grants Video Tip I received a call this week from a company working on a grant application. The person said, "we only have a week to get it in." This situation is a common challenge in grants. To avoid this stress, you [...]

See It To Believe IT

2020-04-26T15:02:22+00:00Categories: Business|

See It To Believe It What I'm about to show you is amazing. Whether you are a non-profit organization or an entrepreneur, you need to be in grants. And I'll show you why. In the past week, I have come across a couple of incredible announcements about "top ups." Like, the [...]

How Grants Work: COVID-19 Example

2020-04-22T00:05:21+00:00Categories: Business|

How Grants Work: COVID Example How Grants Work COVID-19 grants provide some valuable insight for entrepreneurs. You see, grants are about what the government wants - not what you want. As readers of 100 Golden Grant Rules know, the government creates grants to solve their problems, fulfil their promises or solve their [...]


2020-04-18T14:11:14+00:00Categories: Business|

Grant Nation - $5,000 to $7,000 grants for post-secondary students in summer fall, and winter. In this video, David Kincade interview Brett Hotas of TECHNATION about the program.TECHNATION In my book 100 Golden Grant Rules, I write about these hard-to-find organizations called “delivery agents (DA).” DAs are usually national or large institutions in a [...]

Solving COVID-19 With Grants

2020-04-20T01:48:24+00:00Categories: Business|

Solving COVID-19 With Grants ... Hello Everyone, Hope you are staying strong!!! Fascinating things taking place in the government grant space. Grants helping solve COVID-19 Here are some urgent government grants to help solve the nasty COVID-19: Call for prototypes to help combat COVID-19. April 21, 2020: COVID-19 [...]