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Governmentese │ October 1 of 2

Governmentese │ October 1 of 2 Hi Everyone, You can grow your business with grants. Grants galore below. Enjoy this issue of Governmentese! Kind regards, David Kincade 1. Agriculture Seeding Excellence looks to support the next generation of young farmers by sponsoring the attendance of [...]

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How to Prepare a Successful Grant Application

How to Prepare a Successful Grant Application Hi Everyone, This YouTube video is a must watch if you’re thinking about submitting any grant application. Using a recent example from the news, you will learn several tips on the importance of preparation in the grant process. It could save you hours and thousands of [...]

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Governmentese │ September 2 of 2

Governmentese │ September 2 of 2 . Hi Everyone, What an exciting time to be growing your business. Grants galore below. Enjoy this issue of Governmentese! Kind regards, David Kincade 1. Agriculture Well Water Restoration or Replacement Program (WWRRP) exists to mitigate impacts of energy activity [...]

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Governmentese │ September 1 of 1

Governmentese │ September 1 of 1 Hi Everyone, Now is the time to start thinking about your September - April grant applications. Get all your documents in order. Be proactive. Meet grant agencies before you apply. Ask them six questions. Enjoy the process and have fun. Below are [...]

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Grants Available Now

Grants Available Now Hi Everyone, As usual, a pile of grants are now accepting applications below. Enjoy!!! David Kincade p.s. If your business wants to understand grants, you can reach me here. Please fill out the form to save you time and energy. 1. Agriculture [...]

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One-Sentence Grant

One-Sentence Grant Hello Everyone, Before you write a grant, can you explain "the ask" in one sentence? The grant should be won in the opening paragraph. Mr. Wonderful echoed this view in this slide: For example, when people ask, "Dave, what do you do?" I say, "I write grants." Do [...]

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Introducing Governmentese

Introducing Governmentese Exciting Changes Coming to the Gazette - NOW GOVERNMENTESE  Hi Everyone, I’m making a couple of exciting changes to the Alberta Grant Gazette. First, it’s now called Governmentese. The dictionary defines “governmentese” as “jargon held to be characteristic of government officials.” Grants are government money. You [...]

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Don’t Give Up On Grants

Don't Give Up in Grants Hello Everyone, I'm always trying to teach you about government grants. Do you know where all grants begin? Take a guess? Answer: election platforms. When candidates are running for office, they say, "I want to do X." Once they win, the elected politicians look at each other [...]

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Say-Do Ratio In Grants

Say-do Ratio in Grants Hello Everyone, One of the best pieces of grant advice that I've received is called the "Say-Do Ratio," which is the percentage of things you do that you say you're going to do. Ideally you want to get to 100%. If you commit to something [...]

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June Grant News

June Grant News Hello Everyone, The big grant news this week is the virtual Alberta Innovates Summit taking place today and tomorrow. You can grab a ticket and learn about grants. Emissions Reduction Alberta is dropping a total of $40 million for businesses in food, farming, and forestry. The grant [...]

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