Well I hope everyone had a great long weekend.

Time to win a grant.

I’ve been working hard over the summer to serve y’all, so here is a rundown of what’s been going on!

Get your pen out.

  1. I have a new (gasp) website. While I’m still cleaning up the editing, you can find my new 10 Golden Grant Rules document on it. If you’re going to write a grant, you need to read it. Find it here: http://albertabusinessgrants.ca/ – it’s free.

2. Find All Your Grants Online. Check this out. About five years ago, I started researching for money. Like computer-aged gold digging.

Finding grants IS A MESS. UNTIL NOW!  All those different grants all over the place – and all in different formats. The government has a few free sites all over the place, but nothing really worked well for me. So, I started building my own.

I put the entire database on my website. I’m letting small businesses and non-profit organizations get 12 month access for only $195. I have hundreds of grants in there, and once I get the development done, it will really pop.

The first review is in:

I can’t wait to keep adding functionality to it over the year! It’s going to be exciting with a lot of collaboration going on! Sign up here: http://albertabusinessgrants.ca/finding-grants/

Grant tip: If you find a more cost-effective and organized way to find all your grants then ABG’s database, I’ll give you every dollar back!

3. WARNING MAJOR ANNOUNCEMENT COMING SOON. Group Grant Coaching. Now I’m going to be trying something this fall. For 10 days starting September 27 – October 10, I’m opening up a group grant coaching class. Here are the details:

  • Motivation (probably the #1 pain in grants!)
  • Accountability
  • Weekly Group Coaching for 12 weeks
  • Resources
  • Members only Facebook group – 12 month access
  • Monthly webinar with a grant key stakeholder
  • 12 months access to the database.
  • $495

If you have a grant to write this fall, you know what to do. Watch my website or subscribe to my email list by downloading the 10 Secret Grant Rules Document for more information. I can’t think of a more affordable and effective way to help you WIN A GRANT! It’s going to be a blast!

4. Grant Store Coming Soon. If you’re interested in obtaining information about how to write a grant, meet the grant agency, or start-up resources, watch my site for the store coming soon. I just need to approve the design, and then it’s good to go.

5. Grant competitions are open all over the place. All the big grant dogs are running grant competitions right now:

ERA: https://eralberta.ca/apply-for-funding/

Alberta Innovates: https://albertainnovates.ca/funding/water-and-land/water-innovation-program-wip/

6. Events

Mark your calendars right now for June 5-7, 2019. You can find details here: https://albertainnovates.ca/events/. The website says that it will be in Calgary in 2019.


In June and August, I held a grant writing seminar in Edmonton and Airdrie. I LOVED THEM! I think the students had a good time too – at least that’s what the feedback is saying.

I’ll only be running one in Edmonton this fall. I’m just lining up the grant agencies and elected officials now. Stay tuned for that date! Might be one coming to Southern Alberta too, but I need to confirm a sponsor before I make any announcements!

General Interesting Stuff

Brendon Burchard

Okay that is all I have for grants this week, but I do want to write about a few other projects that I’ve been working on.

I’ve been reading Brendon Burchard’s new book High Performance Habits. Wow. I know many of my readers are smart folks with not a lot of time on their hands.

One of the tips in that book is what he calls “Block Time.” Anyone who has read Deep Work will recall the concept.

Basically, Brendon writes that you need to block chunks of your morning for focussing on undisturbed tasks – one task actually. He says that high performers can work on no more than 3 projects at a time.

I couldn’t agree more than this analysis. As a grant writer, my time needs to be so carefully managed. As you can see earlier in this blog, I have a pile of other projects going on (keeping them to three), so blocking my time is critical.


What I didn’t mention above is that I have recorded five grant podcasts. I’m currently putting the final edits on them. What a journey.

Anyway, Apple has started “office hours” on certain topics (such as podcasting). I can’t believe how awesome the courses are! You can learn all the features of your Mac. It’s free too! If you want to take your technology skills to the next level, you need to check out www.apple.com/today

Jim Rohn

This morning I listened to 40 minutes of Jim Rohn. If you have no idea who he was, you need to google him. Thank me later.

As usual Jim brought the goods. My big take away: keep reading, keep investing in personal development, and keep implementing what you learned. His stuff is really inspiring, so I encourage you to check it out.

Okay that is all for this week. I’m thinking about adding some motivational stuff at the end of my blogs. I’ll get better at it, but if you believe it would enhance my blog, can you reply “keep the motivational stuff coming” (or something like that). I don’t want to write about it if it doesn’t serve you!

Have a great week!

David Kincade



Download the new 10 Golden Grant Rules at www.albertabusinessgrants.ca