• Forgetting my roots and coming home
  • Putting the customer first
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I grew up in rural New Brunswick. A little placed called Garnett Settlement.

In grade 8 I did a class presentation on the history of the place.

I remember having two pieces of cardboard.

The first was the place from an earlier time about 50 years ago.

It was rural and with a few homes.

The second piece of cardboard was still rural, but it had a few more homes.

I remember interviewing Mrs. Dalling for the research. She was a senior citizen who lived their her whole life.

I lived at the top of a hill, and the bus stop was half a mile at the bottom.

I walked that country road for years thinking about my future.

Man it was fun.

I always remember wondering what I would do when I grew up.

During those times, I was the guy who always arranged with the other kids to play ball hockey games, pond hockey, and baseball games.

“I don’t really want to play,” my friend Jason would say.

“Are you kidding me,” I would say. “Did you forget that huge hit you had last game?”

We needed players to make teams, and I would do all I could do to get them out there.

In the end, we had an awesome time growing up in that place. Thanks to Facebook we are able to stay in touch.


The bottom line is that I loved helping many people. I was drawn to football, hockey, soccer and other team sports.

I wasn’t much of an individual sport person (e.g. golf or tennis). Truth be told I think it was because I liked talking and listening to people more than the sport itself.


After university I hit some hard times. A starter marriage that depressed me for years and a lifestyle that was quite isolating.

Instead of turning to friends, I turned to work.

I was relentless at doing a good job.

When I started researching at the Alberta Legislature, I wanted my MLA, the late Rick Miller Edmonton-Rutherford to be in the newspaper ALL THE TIME.

He was in there a lot and it was fun.

But that work was one on one.


When I became a grant writer, my clients started to win big grants. In the last six months, I’ve penned grants that have brought in over $685,000 for my clients. I’ve written technology grants, non-profit, export, employment and won massive.

But here is the problem once again: all isolating work. All one on one.

Before my mom passed last year, one of her major concerns for me was isolation.

“Isolation is the enemy,” says my mentor @aaron walker.

Since my conversation with my friend a couple weeks ago out East, I am making a change.

I’m about to do something on May 10 at 11am that to my knowledge has ever been done.

GRANT 101 Masterclass

I’ve received a number of emails from people “wanting to learn about grants.”

Grants for me are second nature: a master’s degree in political science, years working at the legislature, and writing them for over five years.

Our database has 700 grants in it.

Yes grants. Free money. You don’t need to pay it back.

But until now, I’ve only worked with a handful of big dogs (definition of big dog: businesses with greater than a million annual revenue).

And I am forever grateful for the big dogs, and I will continue to write their grants them.

Here are what a couple of the best say about my grant services:

“I’ve known and worked with David for years. He is an expert at government grants, political process, and business awards. If you’re trying to secure government funding, you found the best.

— Frank Burdzy, President & CEO Champion Petfoods 2016 Exporter of the Year & Premier’s Award of Distinction Winner

“I have worked with David Kincade over the past year and find him both high integrity and very knowledgeable. David told us what he would do, when, and delivered every time. Uncommon in today’s world so I highly recommend him. He has completed more grants by far than his costs.”

— Ed Alfke EY Entrepreneur of Year™ 2017 CleanTech and Environment

But I have not been able to help a lot of smaller businesses to date. That has never sat right with me.

When I think about my friends in Garnett Settlement, they call me and say “Kincade, I want to get into grants, but I have no idea where to get started?”

Futurepreneurs call me and say, “people keep calling me and telling me that there are all kinds of grants out there.” (I love that line by the way; sadly it’s often not true).

Or the business owner who wants to know where all the grants are.

So I’ve decided to create a product that takes someone from zero to intermediate in grants in one meeting.

Are you ready?

Here are the details:

In this Grants 101 class, I will cover the following topics and include at least the top three grants in each sector below.

1.     Start-up grants and resources

2.     Consulting businesses – the few grants and more importantly key tips

3.     Agriculture businesses – I show you the grants available now, and where you need to watch for new ones

4.     Environment grants – I’m going to show you where all the big money resides (and some current grant competitions)

5.     Technology – I will cover the five essential grants every technology company needs to know

6.      I’ll also quickly review the technology readiness scale as per grants

7.     Export grants – I show you where the money is, and which one I would go after first and why

One-on-one clients pay thousands of dollars for this information. You can get all this information for only $200. You read that correctly. Everything you need to know about the grant world, including the key grants, resources, and my best tips for $200. The Masterclass takes place online at 11am MST on Thursday May 10, 2018.