Grants for your kids

  • Junior High and High School Kids
  • Recent Graduates
  • University Students

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Like most people, I started working at 16 years old.

My first job was at Peacock’s Garden Centre. I worked there for five years; I loved that job, and I wish I had some pictures to show you what it was like.

I got to drive tractors, work outside, and make money to help fund my education.

Here are a couple things I learned at Peacock’s:

“Work will never kill you, but stress will.” Shirley Peacock

“Travel and see the world while you are young.” Mohammed Mourad

As a result of the experience, I travelled all over Europe during my university days. Great memories. Really great memories.

But while I was wearing work boots and getting my hands dirty at the garden centre, my smart friends were receiving government grants.

Let us turn our attention to some grants that still exist for students today:


Fasten your seatbelts moms and dads if you have a child 16+ years old the Explore Program is an AWESOME grant – $2,200 for the kids to learn French in Quebec – ALL EXPENSES PAID.

Well “all” is a relative term. I mean lodging, studies, and food.

I’m sure Starbucks isn’t included, and we know the kids need that today.

Here are the Explore details:

“Explore is a five-week intensive language-immersion program. You can take the program in the spring or summer, whichever you prefer. Participants in Explore receive a $2,200 bursary (taxable income) that covers tuition fees for the programs, instructional materials, meals and accommodations, workshops, and other mandatory activities. Discover another region of Canada while learning French. Enjoy five weeks of learning and adventure, friendship and discovery!”


  • Canadian citizen or permanent resident
  • At least 16 years old by the time the program that you wish to attend starts
  • Currently Grade 11 or higher (see website for non students)
  • A full-time student for a least one term between last September and next June


Deadline: Application deadline: February 15, 2018


Bursary program for enrichment in French as a first language — three-week program for students in Grades 8 and 9 residing outside of Quebec — Most expenses are covered!


Deadline: March 31, 2018

Which lucky kids gets to leave for a few weeks in junior high?


Full disclosure – I did this program and it was a game changer for my French second-language skills.

And this program isn’t a bursary, but they use government programs to help you get a job.

Odyssey is a language-assistant program. Under the supervision of a teacher, your role will be to encourage students to improve their knowledge of the English language and its associated cultures and to use the language on a daily basis. You will leave your home province or territory to work in a rural or suburban area in another province.


Deadline: February 28, 2018


The Step Application was announced today!

Not 99% of students will not be proactive with this application, but if you have a university-aged child who really wants to work somewhere cool next summer, they should seize this opportunity. It could be HUGE for them.

The best part of the STEP program is that most small businesses can apply to the program, which is rare. You and I both know that the big money is in agriculture, environment, and technology, but hey most people have kids or at least nephews and nieces like I do.

Here are the grant’s details:

STEP is a 4 – 16 week wage subsidy program that provides funding to eligible Alberta employers to hire high school or post-secondary students into summer jobs from May to August. Summer positions created through STEP provide students with the opportunity to build meaningful work experience, increase their skills and workplace insight and help prepare them for the future.

A standardized wage subsidy of $7.00/hour to a maximum of 37.5 hours/week will be provided to approved applicants.

Deadline: The application deadline is February 9, 2018.


A number of other grants exist for students as well, and I want to share with you an interesting story to finish off this week.

I graduated high school with a 63 average (or 67). It was low anyway. I mean you have to play a lot of sports and dream about your girlfriend all day to do that badly, but I managed to do so.

When I graduated, I ended up winning some bursaries.

It was so funny, because I was in the back row, and the Master of Ceremonies called me down to the front a couple times.

I had won a referee bursary, some “grit” bursary (I forget), and I think one other. Everyone was like, “what the heck.” Even I was like “what the heck.”

It turns out there is so much money for students out there if they look.

I spent so much time working all summer, but I should have spent even more time applying for scholarships and bursaries.

Money exists in so many niches. I know my sister’s work has a bursary and so many workplaces do.

Take my advice: if you know young people in high school or university, you should visit your local university’s resource centre. These places often have a detailed list of scholarships and bursaries just waiting for applicants.

Have a great week!

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