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Howdy Everyone!

This week I want to talk about Alberta government grants, growing your business, and some personal stuff.

On the grant front, I’m going to call a spade a spade: the process of grant writing can be dreadful. Heck, it can be dreadful for me and I love doing it! I can’t image what it’s like for those who only do it once in a while.

Anyway, I’ve been studying how to overcome dread. Because like all of us, I think dread keeps us from actually creating great stuff.

And according to high-performance coach Brendon Burchard, it all starts with self-discipline.


What is self-discipline? Here’s my definition: overcoming dread consistently. Lately I have been working so hard at this. Brendon says that you need to do three things each day that move the needle toward your freedom life. I just love that line, and I’m doing my best to follow it. Give it a try and let me know how it goes!

Brendon did an awesome short video on the subject here:’. I highly recommend you watch it!

Lesson Learned: if we’re not intentional about our life, watch out! One of the key concepts of that book is blocking your time. Here is what you do: you block chunks of your morning – in your calendar – for grant writing (or whatever you are creating).

In the afternoon, you block time for responses (phone and email).

It’s pretty simple and brilliant.

Since we are on the topic of “Power of…” I thought I would share a couple of other tips I picked up this week.

The Power of Training

This past week I was invited to speak about grants to about 25 people at a large financial institution. I sat back and thought, “what do these people want to know about grants?”
I knew that most traditional finance people haven’t studied government. And when you don’t understand government, you definitely don’t understand grants.

So, having spoken with my Beaulah pastor about improving my speaking (he’s unreal – thanks Neal!), he said that you don’t need slides. Just deliver.

I followed his tips. I brought a couple of large electoral maps with me. Having taught political science students at four Canadian universities, I was lovin’ it.

I stood up there and just taught them how grants work, and how they can bring value to their customers.

Lesson Learned: take the time and deliver the exact message for the exact audience.


I was fortunate enough to visit a local BNI chapter this week: North Stars! Wow if you’re looking for a great BNI group, you need to check them out.

Because they speak so much, I was really impressed with each member’s public speaking abilities.

Lesson Learned: If you need to improve your speaking, you should join a social service club. If you’re in Edmonton and want to visit my Rotary club, please send me an email at


One of my favourite people is my “grand” nephew Ethan. This kid is hilarious. We recently attended one of those large indoor playgrounds.

As some of my readers know, I’ve been a member of Iron Sharpens Iron Mastermind Group for three years. We meet twice a year, and every week via zoom.

At the last meetup, Big A (the CEO) invited a very successful entrepreneur to speak. Ironically for the first half of his career, he didn’t put his family first. But when he started to put his family before business, his life and, ironically enough, his business took off.

We spoke after his talk, and he said to me, “I’m telling you man, if you put your family first, you watch what happens to your career.”

Prior to ISI, I thought work was the most important.

Lesson Learned: Learning to prioritize family has been a wonderful feeling, and I would strongly encourage you to do that same. Watch your business take off!


One of the members of my Rotary Club just sold his business after 35 years! Wow. I asked him during my Sergeant of Arms duty “what is the most important business lesson you learned in all those years.” His response: “it’s all about service.” A collective sigh went over the room. What a great point.

Lesson Learned: Keep up that service! Just a little extra can work wonders!


I recently heard a story about a doctor that did an interview with terminal kids, and what they valued the most. While family was number one, the family pet was right there!

As a grant writer, I love having my dog at home with me. He often wants to go outside and pee when I want to keep staring at the screen. What a blessing he is!

Lesson Learned: Every grant writer or home worker needs a great dog (or cat) at home! They are the best.


Once I started putting my blog up on my personal home page, I was recently acquainted with an old hockey friend. He has owned his own digital agency for seven years! He’s a digital marketing genius! Glenn Walker is his name. You do not likely know him yet, but you will soon. What a privilege it has been to work with a pro! If you are looking for someone to take your online presence and analytics to the next level, email him:

Next, he introduced me to another great copy writer. Isn’t that the way it goes? Wow the next few months are going to be awesome!

Lesson Learned: use your personal Facebook page for your business. Wow, am I glad to have found awesome resources in my network.


I’m holding my last live seminar for the year November 23 in Edmonton! Four seats are already gone! Only 11 left. Get them before they are all gone. We’ll have a blast. IRAP has already confirmed as a guest speaker, and I’m lining up one more grant agency. I’ve invited a politician too. Stay tuned!

Have a great week!

All the best,

David Kincade

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