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Value: Up to 100 percent of eligible expenses to a maximum of $200,000.


The Building Communities Through Arts and Heritage program was created to help you celebrate your community – both its past and its present. This program increases opportunities for local artists, artisans, heritage performers or specialists to be involved in their community through festivals, events and projects. It also allows local groups to commemorate their local history and heritage.

The Local Festivals component provides funding to local groups for recurring festivals that present the work of local artists, artisans or heritage performers.


  • A local non-profit organization or group
  • A local band council, local tribal council or other local Aboriginal government or organization
  • Encourage local community engagement through activities that promote, celebrate and preserve local performing and visual arts or local heritage
  • Have successfully organized a prior edition of the festival, within the last two years, that met all eligibility requirements of this component

Eligible Projects:

To be eligible for funding from the Local Festivals component, your festival must:

  • Present local performing artists and/or the work of local creators and/or aspects of local heritage as a primary component
  • Actively encourage local community engagement through volunteerism and involvement in the planning, management or ongoing operations of the festival, by providing opportunities for local artists to interact with the community
  • Be intended for the general public
  • Be barrier-free, easily accessed and appropriately promoted
  • Demonstrate funding, in-kind and/or organizational support from the local community
  • Provide written confirmation of financial or other tangible support from the municipal government or equivalent authority for the project
  • Present eligible activities for more than one calendar day and within a period of 28 consecutive days. If your festival is part of a larger festival, this larger festival must also occur within a period of 28 consecutive days


  • January 31 – for festivals starting between September 1 and December 31
  • April 30 – for festivals starting between January 1 and June 30
  • September 30 – for festivals starting between July 1 and August 31

Contact: Department of Canadian Heritage | 1-866-811-0055 |


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