Carbon Capture & Conversion Institute (CCCI)


Location: Vancouver, British Columbia

The CCCI team collaborates with developers and end-users to integrate, adapt and develop technologies into solutions with real-world application. The CCCI has lab space and piloting facilities designed specifically to accommodate the special requirements of technology developers working on carbon capture and conversion technologies. And we can draw on our in-house team of experts and our global network to convene consortia to develop integrated solutions to industry challenges.


Technology Commercialization and Innovation Centre (TCIC)

This 40,000-sq. ft. state-of-the-art clean tech research centre will be home to piloting, lab and office space for the CCCI. When complete in early 2017, the facility will provide engineers, chemists, physicists, biologists and other technology developers with access to the specialized equipment they need to test and pilot capture and conversion technologies. To meet the growing global demand for testing facilities, the TCIC can accommodate a comprehensive range of technologies from solvent systems, membranes and sorbents on the capture side, to chemical, electrochemical and even biological systems in the conversion stream.

Clean Energy Research Centre (CERC)

UBC experts working through the centre cover a broad range of technologies under the capture and conversion umbrella including:

  • Solvent capture systems
  • Particle technology including sorbent capture systems
  • Chemical CO2 conversion
  • Electrochemical CO2 conversion
  • Chemical looping combustion

Long-range goals for CERC and its carbon management component include:

  • Educating and training the next generation of technologies, engineers, scientists and policy makers
  • Validating technologies and pushing innovation from the bench to commercial scale-up
  • Providing life-cycle analysis of different carbon capture and conversion technologies
  • Developing business models to export across Canada and around the world


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