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Carthy Foundation is a private foundation based in Calgary, Alberta. Established in 1965, the Foundation supports national and regional charitable initiatives. Carthy Foundation has four funding areas:

  • Adolescent Emotional Health and Wellness. Initiatives that have a primary focus on promoting optimal social, emotional and mental health and wellness among adolescents and young adults. They will aim to build on the strengths of young people in order to develop and nurture the life skills and competencies they need to thrive. Priority will be given to universal initiatives that work within the framework of the public education system, and that aim to embed emotional health and wellness in school policy and practice
  • Transitions to Employment for Youth and Young Adults. Initiatives will have a primary focus on promoting successful transitions into the workforce for youth. The focus includes youth who are currently in school or have left the school system. Priority will be given to targeted initiatives for youth facing multiple barriers or taking non-traditional paths to employment
  • Urban Environmental Sustainability. Initiatives that advance innovative policy and practice to enhance ecological systems in cities. Urban environmental sustainability incorporates issues such as smart growth and urban planning, urban ecological design, energy efficiency, water conservation, habitat and connectivity, green infrastructure, natural capital practices, and urban pricing reforms. Priority will be given to initiatives that apply an ecosystems approach; seek collaborations with local governments, non-profits, academia, and the private sector; address the gap between policy and implementation; and strive for broad-scale application
  • Environmentally Sustainable Agriculture. Initiatives that advance sustainable farming and ranching practices, and innovative policies to enhance ecological systems on agricultural land. With a focus on rural, land-based agriculture (including crop production, livestock, dairy, large-scale horticulture and viticulture), environmentally sustainable agriculture incorporates: the loss and fragmentation of agricultural land; water, energy and soil management; habitat and biodiversity conservation; ecological goods and services; and the application of market-based instruments. Priority will be given to initiatives that address current gaps in policy and practice, form partnerships with the agricultural community, and strive for broad-scale application


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