Clean Water and Wastewater Fund (CWWF) | Infrastructure Canada (INFC)

Value: CWWF will provide short-term funding of $2 billion overall.


The program targets projects that will contribute to the rehabilitation of both water treatment and distribution infrastructure and existing wastewater and storm water treatment systems; collection and conveyance infrastructure; and initiatives that improve asset management, system optimization, and planning for future upgrades to water and wastewater systems. Canada will enter into Bilateral Agreements (BA) with provinces and territories to deliver the CWWF. The provinces and territories in turn, will enter into agreements with eligible ultimate recipients to manage projects. Provinces and territories will be responsible for identifying projects, in collaboration with municipalities, to be funded through the CWWF, and required to submit a project list to Infrastructure Canada (INFC) (INFC) for approval.


  • Organizations designated by a province or territory and agreed to by Canada
  • Municipal or regional governments established by or under a provincial or territorial statute
  • Other entities providing water or wastewater services to communities, as designated by the provinces and territories
  • Infrastructure projects in the provinces located partially or entirely on reserve, or on any Crown lands or lands set aside by the Crown that are designated to become reserve lands, may be considered for funding under the CWWF provided that the proponent demonstrates the project is aligned with objectives of the fund and has benefits that extend beyond the on-reserve community

Eligible Expenses:

  • Publicly or privately owned tangible capital assets in Canada primarily for public use or benefit, as well as planning or feasibility studies to address infrastructure issues or due diligence
  • Costs that are direct and necessary for the successful implementation of an eligible project, excluding those explicitly identified in as Ineligible Costs. Costs of Aboriginal consultation, and where appropriate, accommodation will be considered eligible
  • Eligible costs can be incurred starting April 1, 2016, but can only be reimbursed by INFC subject to the signing of a funding agreement between INFC and the recipient and meeting the conditions outlined in Section 13 – Basis of Payments
  • Where federal-provincial/territorial funding agreements are signed, provinces and territories may apply up to 1% of their funding allocation of each program towards program administration costs

Deadline: Ongoing

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