Community Investment Program (CIP) – Arts Building Operating Grant | Edmonton Arts Council (EAC)

Value: Maximum of 25% of an applicant’s total eligible expenses from their most recently completed annual financial statements.


The Arts Building Operating grant will invest in a portion of the costs associated with maintaining clean, well-lighted, heated and secure arts facilities that are regularly accessible by the public, whose use is of interest to the public and community groups. These include concert halls, performing arts venues (i.e. live theatre, music, and dance), non-profit cinema facilities, and public art galleries.


Registered not-for-profit arts organizations that own or have long-term leases on concert facilities, theatres and galleries in the corporate limits of the City of Edmonton.

The spaces eligible for this investment must be regularly used for arts activities or required for the safe and secure operations of those parts of the facility. These spaces only include:

o      Public areas associated with arts programming such as display galleries, theatres, presentation spaces, entryways, lobbies, and washrooms

o      Support areas directly for arts activities such as box-office, rehearsal, storage or preparatory spaces.

o      Service areas required for the safe and secure operation of the facility such as utility rooms

o      Office space directly for the management of the arts portions of the facility such as building manager, security or custodial offices

o      If administrative space is less than 10% of the total facility, applicants may declare it all as eligible, or – applicants may declare up to 25% of their administrative space as dedicated to facility management

Eligible Expenses:

o      Rent, lease or mortgage-interest costs

o      Core utilities costs such as heating, electricity, water

o      Regular cleaning (including snow removal required for access)

o      Security costs such as personnel and/or alarm and one monitoring telephone line

o      Minor repairs and upkeep of the facility not associated with programming

o      Insurance costs

o      Personnel costs dedicated to keeping the facility safe, clean and secure – If there are no designated personnel, the applicant may declare up to 25% of administrative personnel costs without justification. Real costs in excess of that limit must be defined and explained

Deadline: June 1 annually

Contact: Edmonton Arts Council | 780-424-2787 |


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