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Suncor’s funding priorities reflect our commitment to be actively engaged in the development of sustainable communities in our key operating areas. To help communities achieve greater sustainability, Suncor and the Suncor Energy Foundation invest in integrated initiatives that allow unconventional solutions to surface which are key to developing vibrant, sustainable communities — now and for generations to come. Suncor invests in building sustainable communities in three ways:

  • Sponsorships: Suncor supports non-profit activities and events by providing financial assistance, product or in-kind contributions in Canada and internationally
  • Charitable donations: Suncor contributes to registered Canadian charities through the Suncor Energy Foundation
  • Employee programs: The charitable giving and volunteer efforts of our employees and retirees strengthen the communities in which Suncor operates. To show our appreciation for their efforts, Suncor’s employee grants program recognizes, and supplements, their community work and charitable giving


  • Have a registered charitable number issued by the Canada Revenue Agency (CRA)
  • Align with the SEF funding priorities:
    • Strengthen communities of interest by cultivating community leaders
    • Support building skills and knowledge for the current and future workforce
    • Foster the ability to think creatively through inspiring innovation
    • Build employee and volunteer capability by engaging citizens in community activities
    • Actively engage employees and communities in collaborating for our energy future
  • SEF prefers to partner with organizations that:
    • Are in the communities where we live and work
    • Are aligned with our funding priorities
    • Priority will be given to initiatives that are collaborative and rooted in system thinking

Community or non-profit organizations that are not registered charitable organizations may be eligible for funding from Suncor if they fall within the SEF funding priorities (as indicated above).

Deadline: Ongoing

Contact: Suncor | 1-866-786-2671 |


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