Community Investment: Travel – Sport | City of Edmonton

Value: Up to 25% of the eligible costs up to the following maximums:

  • Western Canada: Team – $2,200, Individual – $220
  • National: Team – $3,650, Individual – $365
  • International: Team – $4,375, Individual – $450


Sports travel grants assist Edmontonians with the cost of travel to championships at a western Canadian, national or international level.


You or your team must:

  • Live within the City of Edmonton boundaries
  • Be of amateur status
  • Be sponsored by or affiliated with a registered not for profit sport organization
  • Have qualified through competition to attend the event
  • Be selected by a sport governing body to represent Alberta at a western Canadian, national, or international championships, when there is no provincial qualifying competition.
  • Be invited to try out for a national team or to an event leading to competition at international level

The event must:

  • Be hosted by a registered not for profit sport organization
  • Declare a champion at a western Canadian, national, or international level


  • Athletes who receive Federal Carding assistance
  • Athletes receiving 100% travel subsidy through the Provincial or National Sport governing body
  • Athletes or events that represent or are affiliated with educational institutions or corporations
  • Invitational events

Eligible Expenses:

Travel costs

Deadline: Ongoing

Contact: Community Grants Office | 780-496-4933 |


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