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Homeward Trust is the Edmonton partner for this grant. A total of 61 communities across Canada that have a significant problem with homelessness have been selected to receive ongoing support to address this issue. These communities—mostly urban centres—are given funding that must be matched with contributions from other sources.


Qualified organizations in the 61 designated communities.

Eligible Projects:

Designated communities must have an approved, up-to-date and comprehensive community plan, developed by a community advisory board (CAB). A project needs to contribute to the community plan objectives in order to be eligible for funding.

The community plan must:

  • Identify gaps for addressing homelessness issues in a particular region
  • Identify long-term solutions to address homelessness and how the community intends to continue these activities
  • Demonstrate that other partners will provide at least $1 for every dollar of Homelessness Partnering Strategy funding

Eligible activities must contribute to the community plan objectives and reflect local realities. Communities focus on projects that help people who are homeless or risk becoming homeless to stabilize their circumstances and move beyond emergency needs. Federal funding specifically targets transitional and supportive housing and related services to help homeless people to access longer-term housing and supports.

CABs review project proposals from organizations to ensure that they meet the terms and conditions of the Homelessness Partnering Strategy and that they respond to community plan priorities. It also makes recommendations for funding.

Deadline: Ongoing

Contact: Deb Dehler | 587-233-7972 |


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