Counselling Foundation of Canada

Value: > $800,000


The Counselling Foundation of Canada champions learning and career development to help Canadians nurture the gifts and talents within themselves. The Foundation’s goals are:

  • To promote the effective delivery of career counselling through reputable and credible existing institutions (education, religious and community) to individuals involved in the process of career development
  • To work towards the professionalization of career counselling and promote public education which clarifies the role and qualifications of counsellors
  • To provide leadership in the philanthropic and charitable sectors
  • To help foster a sense of clarity and pride in the career counselling and career development profession
  • To play a role in influencing the discussion of the link between education and work


Registered charities

Ineligible Expenses:

  • Research projects
  • Building funds
  • Emergency funds
  • Deficit financing
  • Endowments funds
  • Equipment funds
  • Mass fundraising appeals
  • Long-term funding
  • Capital funds
  • Awards fellowships, bursaries, or to individuals

Deadline: Ongoing

Contact: Mario Gravelle | 416-923-8953 ext. 121 |


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