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Value: Provincially Designated Heritage Sites and Municipally Designated Heritage Sites are eligible for grants up to $35,000 on a 50% Department, 50% applicant basis.


This program is designed to assist the owners and lessees of a building which is of historical significance, and is designated as a heritage. The objective of the program is to ensure that work complies with the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada.


o      Buildings must be legally designated at the time of application under The Heritage Resources Act or City of Winnipeg By-Law No. 1474/77

o      The application must be for work that will be undertaken after a grant has been approved (approximately June 12). Grants will not be provided for work completed prior to grant approval

o      Applicant must own or be a long-term lessee of the designated heritage site

o      If the applicant is a lessee with a long-term lease – for a minimum of ten years beyond the date of application to this program – they must have written permission from the owner to undertake the proposed work on the property

Eligible Expenses:

o      Structural repair, building stabilization, moisture control

o      The repair and energy upgrading of existing, original windows

o      Exterior restoration, including: the conservation of original, existing material; the restoration of deteriorated material and; the reconstruction of missing components (historic documentation of such components must be attached to your application)

o      Exterior historic paint colours (an analysis of the historic paint colours must be attached to your application)

o      New windows that match the original windows in their details, operation and materials but only if the original windows no longer exist or are in irreparable condition (historic documentation regarding the original windows and/or a detailed report outlining the condition of the deteriorated windows must be attached to your application)

o      Handicap access requirements (note that the work must demonstrate minimal impact to historically significant exterior and interior features)

o      Restoration of original interior features where the building is accessible to the public on a regular basis. Applicants are encouraged to obtain professional advice (architectural, engineering, specialized consultants) with resultant fees eligible as costs regarding any of the work items listed above. All work must comply with the Standards and Guidelines for the Conservation of Historic Places in Canada

Deadline: March 15 annually

Contact: Historic Resources Branch | (204) 945-2118 |


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