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o      Single-phase initiative: $1,000– $250,000

o      Multi-phase initiative: $251,000 – $500,000


Project grants to encourage the sharing of artistic and literary works and increase access to the works of Canadian artists both at home and abroad. This component also aims to enhance the public’s artistic experience and broaden the participation and citizen engagement of Canadians of diverse backgrounds. Applicants may request a grant for:

o      Single-phase initiative: Initiatives for which the objectives, timelines and expected results are clearly set out

o      Multi-phase initiative: Initiatives for which the objectives and intentions are clearly established and require an iterative approach to achieve desired results


o      Professional artists and arts professionals (excluding consultants and third-party service providers)

o      Artistic groups and Canadian arts organizations

Eligible Expenses:

The exploration, development, implementation or optimization of digital initiatives that radically improve – or even establish a new paradigm that potentially transforms – citizen access to, experience of and engagement with the arts and artists. Eligible activities include (but are not limited to):

o      Digital visions or strategies that go beyond a single organization

o      New ways of engaging citizens in creating, producing, disseminating and sharing artwork or artistic content

o      Innovative projects that use metadata to further engage audiences in the arts

o      Hackathons or workshops that use participatory methodologies designed to develop new interactions with citizens

o      Open data and freeware initiatives to foster citizen engagement in artistic and literary creation

o      Preparatory activities, meetings or work for updating existing digital initiatives

o      Approaches to strengthen the long-term viability of existing digital initiatives

o      Expanded sharing of artwork and artistic content

o      Integration of new users

o      Scaling up existing digital initiatives; setting up new networks or alliances

o      Migration towards open access and open data

Deadline: October 25, 2017

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