I’ll show you.

Here is the secret that I’ve learned: each industry sector – start-up, consulting, export, agriculture, environment, and technology has at least two grants you need to know.

The top two to five grants essential in that sector.

You following me?

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Think software developer for tech company. Think product grant for environment business. Think marketing grant for an agriculture business.

So I got thinking: How can I help my customers solve the “top grants in their sector” in a quick way?

Then it occurred to me: an online webinar.

What I’m calling the Grants 101 Master Class.

I’m taking five years of studying and working in grants and giving you the absolute best stuff in an hour or maybe less…depending on how many questions I get.

Customer wins.

You’re going to be shown grants that you need to know about to rocket your business forward.

Who: David Kincade

What: Grants 101 Master Class Webinar

When: Thursday, May 10 at 11am MST. Recording made available for those who register.

Where: Online

Why: To help you find your top grants and learn my best grant winning tips.

Learn More: https://albertabusinessgrants.ca/grant-writing/