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Value: Maximum $4000


Clean the air, beautify your neighbourhood, and bring fresh fruits or nuts to your community all at the same time through our Edible Trees program. Grants up to $4,000 and other resources are available for community-based projects that provide residents with access to fresh fruit and nut trees and shrubs while making a positive difference to the Canadian environment including:

  • Food security for local communities and food banks
  • Providing shade
  • Absorbing and deflecting solar radiation
  • Improving air quality
  • Absorbing and filtering water
  • Creating habitat for wildlife


Funding is available, but not limited to, community gardening groups, community housing projects, communities, schools, parks and arboretums. Tree Canada will consider publicly-accessible projects that meet the following guidelines:

  • Increases equitable access to healthy food
  • Strengthens communities by empowering neighbors to share in the harvest and care of city-grown food resources
  • Benefits the local community by providing access to the trees and their fruit by the public (i.e. food banks, volunteers, community kitchens)
  • Meets the needs of the community and includes creative plans for the produce grown
  • Takes place within a geographic area suitable for growing fruit and nut trees
  • Protects and preserves the Canadian environment
  • Assists residents in understanding and participating in environmental activities in local communities

Deadline: Currently closed. Future deadline February 2018.

Contact: Tree Canada | 1-877-666-1444 | info@treecanada.ca

Website: https://treecanada.ca/en/programs/edible-trees/


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