Edmonton Research Park

Location: Edmonton, Alberta

Description: Established in 1980, the ERP manages a 243-acre campus for research and development facilities and is home to innovation centres with a variety of amenities and services.

The Edmonton Research Park (ERP) is home to more than 1,500 members at 55+ companies working in diverse fields, from biotechnology to energy. Startups and growing companies can access a variety of workspaces; on-site programs, access to soft-landing programs; personalized referrals to support and funding agencies; and facilitated access and collaboration with local, national and international communities of accelerators, science parks and incubators.

Edmonton Research Park offers a range of services to research-driven companies:

We operate two buildings in the park designed to nurture research initiatives: the Advanced Technology Centre, and the Biotechnology Business Development Centre.

We make land available for qualified companies planning to build research facilities within four areas of focus: biotechnology, nanotechnology, clean energy and oil and gas support.

Contact: Edmonton Research Park | 780-409-0448

Website: http://www.edmontonresearchpark.com/

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