Emerging Immigrant and Refugee Communities (EIRC) Grant Program – Cultural Heritage Project | City of Edmonton

Value: Maximum $5000. First time applicants are eligible for up to $1,000.


The 2017 Emerging Immigrant and Refugee Community (EIRC) Grant Program aligns with the City’s business plan by supporting immigrant and refugee communities who are new to Edmonton and in the process of settling and integrating. EIRC Grants provide assistance to:

  • Rent space
  • Host community events
  • Strengthen cultural identity and pride
  • Partner and collaborate with other community not-for-profit organizations to address gaps in existing programs and services

Cultural Heritage Project grants are available to support emerging immigrant and refugee communities for projects that promote and strengthen their cultural identity and pride including: cultural dance, music, art, theatre and heritage language.


An organization or group from within an Edmonton-based emerging immigrant or refugee community.

The project must:

  • Promote the cultural identity, understanding, knowledge and/or pride of community members
  • Take place within the City of Edmonton
  • Not be of a direct religious or political nature
  • Be organized and delivered by members of the participant community

Ineligible Expenses:

  • Alcohol, tobacco, or any other controlled or restricted substance
  • Capital expenditures (e.g. furniture, computers, sound equipment)
  • Travel within or outside of Edmonton (mileage, gas, car/truck rental, airfare, etc.)
  • Recreational activities (sports, field trips)
  • Grants or donations to other organizations or individuals
  • Expenses not approved in the budget

Deadline: Ongoing

Contact: Community Grants Office | 780-496-4933 | grants@edmonton.ca

Website: https://www.edmonton.ca/programs_services/documents/PDF/CulturalHeritageProjectGrantGuide.pdf

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