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Value: Up to 50% of eligible costs to a maximum of $40,000.


The Energy Efficiency for Industry program is offering cost-shared assistance to industrial companies to implement energy management projects, including CAN/CSA-ISO 50001 Energy Management Systems Standard pilots, and for two types of energy studies: Process Integration and Computational Fluid Dynamics. Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) will provide financial assistance for Energy Management Projects and Process Integration and Computational Fluid Dynamics Studies.

The energy management project financial assistance can help reduce the cost of conducting projects that improve energy performance at the plant and/or sector level. Cost-shared assistance is offered to support the implementation of the ISO 50001 Standard in industrial facilities. The companies undertaking pilots would achieve energy performance improvement by implementing this standard.


An industrial facility must be registered with Natural Resources Canada (NRCan) as a CIPEC Leader and have its proposal approved by NRCan before any work begins.

To be eligible as an energy management project, a project should:

  • Align with program objectives
  • Demonstrate potential for learning and/or replication
  • Have results that can be disseminated in order to promote energy management best practices
  • Have potential to recommend technical projects and practices that represent energy savings

To be eligible for an ISO 50001 implementation pilot, a company must have:

  • Senior management support and commitment
  • Participation of employees/consultants with experience in energy management standards (ISO, ANSI or others)
  • Commitment to monitor and report on results for a specified period of time

Eligible Expenses:

  • Development of energy baseline
  • Energy use assessment
  • Energy performance monitoring and reporting
  • Professional fees and training
  • Salaries of internal employees for work related to the implementation of the pilots or energy management projects

Deadline: Ongoing

Contact: Industry and Transportation Division |


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