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Value: Up to 50% leveraged investment for a maximum of three years. An additional three years of investment (at a reduced leverage for each additional year) may be available if steady and considerable revenue growth has occurred in the first three years of funding.


Events and festivals investment supports the growth of Alberta’s tourism industry by investing in Alberta industry-led marketing initiatives to increase their marketing capacity, resulting in increased tourism revenues. Events and festival provide numerous benefits for a community and tourism region. They can increase visitation and revenue, reduce seasonal fluctuations, encourage repeat visitation and heighten regional awareness. Investment for events and festivals is to assist in their growth and development with an end goal of financial stability.


  • Alberta-based tourism organization
  • Non-profit association
  • Community group
  • Private operator
  • Event runs for two or more consecutive days and charges an admission

Non-profit organizations and community organizations that have an annual marketing budget less than $20,000 are eligible to apply without partners. Organizations that have an annual marketing budget of $20,000 or more are required to apply for funding as a marketing partnership with a minimum of one additional tourism partner. Events hosted by a private operator require an additional tourism partner.

Eligible Expenses:

  • Agency
  • Brochure Distribution
  • Media and Public Relations Activities
  • Online/Digital/Social Media
  • Outdoor Advertising (Billboards)
  • Print Advertising (including tourism guides)
  • Radio and Television

Deadline: Currently closed. Future deadline January 31, 2019. Applications must be submitted a minimum of two weeks prior to the start date of any marketing activities.

Contact: Christopher Smith | 780-784-0073 |


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