Export Readiness Micro-Voucher Program | Alberta Innovates Technology Futures (AITF)

Value: $10,000 paid directly to the Service Provider.


The Export Readiness Micro-Voucher Program, (the “Program”) is a part of the Alberta Export Expansion Package (AEEP) presented by the Government of Alberta, Ministry of Economic Development and Trade (“EDT”). The Program has been designed to provide a relatively quick and flexible financial solution to support Alberta Small and Medium Enterprises (“SME” s) which are considering entering new international markets by offsetting the cost of obtaining an expert market assessment. The Program is funded by the EDT, and is administered by Alberta Innovates.


Be a for-profit SME.

Eligible Expenses:

  • Labour costs (gross wages or salaries incurred at reasonable market rates) for those individuals who are specifically identified as performing the service which is directly attributable to the Project and thereby quantifiable or measurable. Accordingly, general overhead is not considered an Eligible Expense
  • Additional direct operating costs (incurred at reasonable market rates), not falling within the categories of labour and materials, but which can be specifically identified and quantified as having been incurred, or to be incurred, in the performance of the Project activities and which are so identified and quantified consistently by the Service Provider’s cost accounting practices
  • Any other cost which Alberta Innovates pre-approves in writing as an Eligible Expense

Deadline: Ongoing

Contact: Dayna Misener | 780-450-5256 | dayna.misener@albertainnovates.ca

Website: http://innotechalberta.ca/Fund/CommercializationServices/ExportReadinessMicro-VoucherProgram.aspx



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