Federal Initiative to Address HIV/AIDS in Canada – National Funding


The Centre for Communicable Diseases and Infection Control is responsible for administering five national HIV/AIDS grants and contributions funding programs under the Federal Initiative to Address HIV/AIDS in Canada. An update on national Invitation to Submit Applications is presented in the chart below.

These funds:

  • Support a national voluntary-sector response that plays a coordinating and leadership role in the response to HIV/AIDS
  • Help engage in direct, meaningful involvement with people living with or at risk of HIV/AIDS
  • Encourage collaborations and partnerships to address risk factors of the disease and achieve an integrated approach to disease prevention across sectors
  • Enhance the capacity of individuals, organizations and communities to respond to the epidemic
  • Gather and encourage the exchange of HIV/AIDS information and knowledge
  • Enable the development of effective, informed and innovative policies and program interventions that are relevant across Canada
  • Enhance a broader response to the HIV/AIDS epidemic and its underlying causes

Funding Programs:

  • National Specific Populations HIV/AIDS Initiatives Fund: To prevent HIV infection; increase access to appropriate diagnosis, care, treatment, and support; and increase healthy behaviours amongst Canada’s populations most affected by HIV/AIDS and most vulnerable to infection
  • National HIV/AIDS Voluntary Sector Response Fund: To facilitate coherent National action which contributes to the prevention and control of HIV/AIDS and other related communicable diseases
  • Non-Reserve First Nations, Inuit and Métis Communities HIV/AIDS Project Fund: To reduce HIV incidence and to facilitate access to testing, counselling, diagnosis, care, treatment and social support for all Aboriginal People Living with HIV/AIDS (APHAs) and those at risk
  • National HIV/AIDS Knowledge Exchange Fund: To strengthen response of front-line organizations involved in the delivery of prevention, diagnosis, care, treatment and support to people living with and at-risk to HIV/AIDS and other related communicable diseases incorporating an active and continuous exchange of knowledge

Deadline: All funding programs are currently closed.

Contact: Centre for Communicable Diseases and Infection Control | ccdic-clmti@phac-aspc.gc.ca

Website: http://www.phac-aspc.gc.ca/aids-sida/funding/index-eng.php


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