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The PPG provides funding to help cover labour expenses for Alberta organizations involved in the development and delivery of post-production services in Alberta, including visual effects and digital animation.

Eligible Applicants

  • be incorporated in Alberta under the Business Corporation Act, or registered as an extra-provincial company in Alberta and be in good standing with the Corporate Registry or operate as a sole proprietorship with a registered trade name in Alberta.
  • be able to demonstrate that the organization provides services for arm’s length, third party organizations on a regular basis, and
  • provide evidence of general business liability insurance

Eligible Expenses

  • A grant which represents 18% of the total eligible invoiced labour will provide funding to applicants.
  • Corporations and their affiliates that have received funding through the Screen-Based Production Grant or the Alberta Production Grant are not eligible for the PPG on the same projects.
  • You can submit an unlimited number of applications, however the maximum amount an organization or their affiliates can receive in grant funding per budget year is $200,000.
  • The grant amount requested per application must be at least $500.
  • diverse content which meets the intentions of the program, are also encouraged to apply.

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Alberta Media Fund

Phone Number: 780-422-8584

E-mail Address:


Industry: Arts and Culture, Location: Alberta ,
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