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Aboriginal Training to Employment Program (ATEP) | Alberta Human Services:


Aboriginal Training to Employment Program is a full-time training program with a minimum of 3 weeks to a maximum of 52 weeks in duration.


The Aboriginal Training to Employment Program (ATEP) is a program where Human Services will support the development of partnerships with First Nations, Métis and other Aboriginal communities, organizations, other governments, industry and other interested parties to facilitate the participation of Aboriginal people to design and create training projects. These partnerships will assist unemployed or marginally employed Aboriginal people to gain the necessary skills training and/or work experience in projects to obtain and maintain long-term employment. Capacity building activities may involve a number of partners to build community, individual and entrepreneurial readiness.

Eligible Applicants

  • Aboriginal person (self-identified)
  • Unemployed or marginally employed
  • In need and benefit from skills training in order to obtain and maintain sustainable employment

Partner Eligibility:

To ensure that an adequate support network for Aboriginal Training to Employment Program exists, each Partnership must include:

  • A First Nation Band, Aboriginal Organization, Corporation, and/or Métis Settlement, although multiple representation is encouraged (i.e. Aboriginal Human Resources Development Agreement holder)
  • Industry (e.g. employer, industry association, or union), and
  • Alberta Human Services

Eligible Expenses

Alberta Human Services funding contribution can only be used to support direct training (e.g. instructor fees, training materials, equipment rental, tutors, etc.) and project management/coordinator costs.

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Edmonton Human Services Regional Delivery Services Division

Phone Number: 780-422-1201


Industry: Indigenous, Location: Alberta ,
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