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Accelerated Investment Incentive




Accelerated Investment Incentive provides an enhanced capital cost allowance (CCA) on equipment purchases. Full expensing in the first year for manufacturing and processing (M&P) and clean energy equipment purchases was also introduced as part of the Accelerated Investment Incentive.

Eligible Applicants

To know more about your eligibility, please click the link indicated below.

Eligible Expenses

The Accelerated Investment Incentive allows investors to write off a larger share of the costs of newly acquired capital assets in the year the investment is made or the asset becomes available for use. This measure involves:

  • A 50% increase in the available CCA deduction for property* acquired after November 20, 2018 that becomes available for use before 2024.
  • The suspension of the existing CCA half-year rule in respect of property acquired after 20 November 2018 that becomes available for use before 2028.

This incentive applies to property for which CCA is calculated on a declining-balance basis, as well as for classes of property with straight-line depreciation or classes for which depreciation is based on unit of use. Property that becomes available for use after 2027 is not eligible for the Accelerated Investment Incentive.

Deadline Date

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