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Accelerating Innovations into CarE (AICE) – Market Access Program │ Alberta Innovates


50% of total eligible project costs up to $600,000 CAD per Project, over a maximum term of 24 months.


The Accelerating Innovations into CarE (AICE) – Market Access Program accelerates health innovations that face evidentiary hurdles in achieving market access. The Program supports small-to-medium sized enterprises (SMEs) and real-world testing sites (Testing Sites) in carrying out clinical trials, feasibility studies or real-world trials to fast-track commercial progression and market adoption.

Eligible Applicants

The program is open to Alberta-based small- and medium-sized health technology innovation companies partnered with an independent clinical/user testing organization providing data and a potential buyer perspective.

Ideal Applicants have:

  • Validated technology that outperforms its direct and indirect competitors that is regulatory approved or ready (ITA/CTA) for clinical testing;
  • Ownership or exclusive rights to the technology;
  • An experienced and well-rounded management team; and
  • Acquired private investment and/or generating revenue from sales

Eligible Expenses

The AICE-Market Access Program improves Alberta’s competitiveness in the health innovation sector on a global scale.

SMEs who participate in the AICE – Market Access Program can expect to:

  • Acquire evidence through clinical or real-world trials that support rapid market access and adoption,
  • Progress towards commercialization across the all four Health Innovation Cycle domains – from clinical and end-user safety and feasibility to real-world implementation.

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Bindi Ferguson Director, Commercialization - Health Innovation

Phone Number: 780-306-1099

E-mail Address:


Industry: Software/Technology, Location: Alberta ,
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