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Access Support Fund │ Canada Council for the Arts




Access Support funds individual applicants who self-identify as Deaf, having disabilities or living with mental illness, as well as groups and organizations that dedicate the majority of their resources towards supporting these communities. This supplementary grant provides a contribution towards costs for specific services and supports required to carry out a project funded through a Canada Council program (from this point on referred to as the associated grant).

Eligible Applicants

Individuals must:

  • self-identify in the portal as Deaf, having disabilities or living with mental illness
  • be eligible to Canada Council programs

Groups and organizations must:

  • have a validated profile as a group or organization with a mandate to support artists who are Deaf, have disabilities or live with mental illness
  • dedicate the majority (51% or more) of their activities, artistic content and financial and human resources towards supporting these artistic communities
  • be eligible to Canada Council programs

Eligible Expenses

A contribution towards costs associated with disability-related supports and services required to carry out your activities, including (but not limited to):

  • sign language interpretation
  • personal care attendant or support worker
  • a transcriber or specialized editor
  • personal project coordinator or assistant
  • a guide or visual describer
  • converting material into accessible formats
  • rental of specialized equipment needed for personal access or support

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Canada Council for the Arts

Phone Number: 1-800 263-5588 or 613 566-4414


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