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ACT Third Call │ Accelerating CCS Technologies




ERA is partnering with the global initiative, Accelerating CCS Technology (ACT), to invest in world class innovation that can lead to safe and cost-effective CCUS technology. ERA is committing $5 million to ACT’s current Call for Proposals, ACT 3.

Through ACT 3, ERA is seeking innovative CCUS technologies with the strong potential for commercialization in Alberta. ERA is targeting its funding toward projects at the stages of scale-up, field testing, field pilot, demonstration, and first-of-kind commercial implementation. Partnerships are encouraged to make use of the Alberta Carbon Conversion Technology Centre (ACCTC).

Eligible Applicants

  • The consortium must have partners from at least two of the countries participating in this call.
  • The project must be led by an industrial partner or technology developer. A project leader from other organisations could be accepted if a strong connection to the industry can be documented.
  • The industrial partners must take an active part in the project and contribute with a considerable share of financing.
  • Industry participation must be related to a specific industrial area, industrial plant, or a given storage site.
  • National eligibility criteria must be met.

Eligible Expenses

The added value of having a project funded under this funding schema is twofold:

1. The level of administrative procedures will be at a minimum

Coordinated evaluation of the applications in all participating countries will ensure a smooth evaluation process. Furthermore, projects funded under this scheme will not face any additional reporting procedures apart from standard national report routines.

2. Knowledge sharing

Funded projects will get access to the knowledge sharing ongoing between all ACT-funded projects. ACT sets up annual knowledge sharing workshops and all ACT-funded projects are invited to participate in events were knowledge are shared and new contacts are made.

Deadline Date

November 10, 2020


Contact Name: Emissions Reduction Alberta

Phone Number: 780-498-2068

E-mail Address:


Industry: Energy & Environment, Location: Alberta ,
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