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Active Transportation Fund


a $400 million, 5-year investment to fund projects


The first-ever Active Transportation Fund will provide $400 million over five years to support a modal shift away from cars and toward active transportation, in support of Canada’s National Active Transportation Strategy. The Active Transportation Fund will invest in projects that build new and expanded networks of pathways, bike lanes, trails and pedestrian bridges, in addition to supporting active transportation planning and stakeholder engagement activities.

There are two streams of projects eligible for funding: capital projects and planning projects.

Eligible Applicants

An applicant must be a legal entity capable of entering into legally binding agreements. To be considered an eligible recipient, applicants must fit within one of the following categories:

  • A municipal, local or regional government established by or under provincial or territorial statute.
  • A provincial or territorial government.
  • A public sector body that is established by or under provincial or territorial statute or by regulation or is wholly-owned by a province, territory, municipal or regional government, including, but not limited to:
    • Municipally-owned corporations (e.g. autonomous organizations owned by municipalities, used to produce or deliver local public services outside the local bureaucracy);
    • A provincial or territorial organization that delivers municipal services (e.g. public utilities, community health services, economic development bodies); and
    • Any other form of local governance that exists outside of the municipality description (e.g. local service districts; public-private partnership boards that manage community facilities).
  • Not-for-profit organizations.

Eligible Indigenous Recipients include:

  • Indigenous Governing Body
  • A federally or provincially incorporated not-for-profit organization whose mandate is to improve Indigenous outcomes, organizations serving Indigenous communities living in urban centers and First Nations living off reserve; and
  • Indigenous development corporations.

Eligible Expenses

Eligible capital expenditures can include construction of cycling or walking paths; the development of a plan or design for an active transportation capital project; and engagement or outreach activities that support the goals of the National Active Transportation Strategy.

Deadline Date

  March 31, 2022.


Contact Name: Infrastructure Canada

E-mail Address:


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