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Ag Action – Assurance: Beneficial Management Practices




Ag Action – Assurance: Beneficial Management Practices provides funding that will help farmers implement and adopt beneficial management practices (BMP) on their farm identified in their Environmental Farm Plan.

Eligible Applicants


  • must have a valid Statement of Completion for an Environmental Farm Plan*
  • without a valid Statement of Completion will be ineligible for reimbursement of project costs
  • must own, rent, lease, manage or otherwise control agricultural land used to produce agricultural products
  • must own or control land where the project will be located (or have permission from the land owner to execute the project)
  • can be from inside or outside of Manitoba, as long as the activities related to the application occur in Manitoba or have a positive outcome for Manitoba
  • must have a valid Environmental Farm Plan from their province of residence, if from outside of Manitoba*
  • must have a Manitoba Premises Identification Number (only required for livestock producers)

*Successful applicants will have until February 15, 2021 to provide a valid Statement of Completion to the program administrator to be reimbursed for project costs.

Eligible Expenses

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Deadline Date

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Industry: Agriculture, Location: Manitoba ,
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