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Ag Action – Assurance: Watershed Ecological Goods and Services


Watershed districts can be reimbursed for up to 100 per cent of total approved costs, with no funding cap.


The Ag Action – Assurance: Watershed Ecological Goods and Services grant helps watershed districts to work with farmers to implement sustainable environmental practices.

Eligible Applicants

Watershed districts.

Eligible Expenses

Eligible projects include activities related to:
  • water retention and runoff management
  • wetland restoration and enhancement
  • soil health improvement
  • riparian area enhancement
  • natural upland area rejuvenation and enhancement
  • land rehabilitation
  • tree plantings and woodlot management

Deadline Date

  Closed. Applications are not being received at this time.


Contact Name: Manitoba Agriculture and Resource Development

Phone Number: 1-844-769-6224

E-mail Address:


Industry: Agriculture, Location: Manitoba ,
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