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Agri-Environmental Support Program




The Agri-Environmental Support Program funds environmental research on vegetation, soil, feed and water quality in agricultural areas. This includes:

  • assessing the best areas to develop agriculture land;
  • updating and creating new environmental datasets;
  • supporting 3rd-party scientific assessment for projects needing Yukon Environmental and Socio-economic Assessment Act(YESAA) review or permits; and
  • supporting research studies or workshops on the impact of climate change on agriculture.

Eligible Applicants

  • Producers.
  • Producer organizations.
  • Agricultural non-profits.
  • Governments.

Eligible Expenses

Examples of eligible activities.

  • Field work and associated data collection.
  • Scientific assessments by a qualified 3rd party. These assessments are for agri-based projects requiring an assessment under YESAA. They can also be for an agri-based activity requiring a permit, such as a water license for irrigation.
  • Irrigation suitability mapping for future agriculture land irrigation. This includes water source options analysis for irrigation.

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Government of Yukon, Agriculture Branch

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Industry: Agriculture, Location: Yukon ,
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