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Agri-Food and Bioindustrial Innovation Program │ Alberta Innovates:


Up to $500,000 per project and up to 75% of total project costs.


The Agri-Food and Bioindustrial Innovation Program (ABIP) supports the development and advancement of technologies that increase productivity, enhance competitiveness, boost the value of agriculture and forestry commodities, and lower greenhouse gas emissions. The program aims to build on the existing strengths of Alberta’s agri-food and forestry sectors and to develop new opportunities and markets.

Eligible Applicants

The Program is open to small- and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs), industry organizations, research and development organizations, post-secondary institutions and government research laboratories.  Applicants are not required to be based in Alberta but must demonstrate a clear value proposition for Alberta. Projects that will be researched, piloted, demonstrated and/or implemented in Alberta with long-term Alberta impact will be prioritized.

Eligible Expenses

Strategic focus areas include:

  • Data and digital solutions: new applications for digitalization of the agri-food and bioindustrial sectors and supply chain functionality, such as artificial intelligence and blockchain technology.
  • Autonomous systems: development of automated solutions for operational processes or monitoring to optimize agri-food and biomaterial processing, including novel robotics technology and integrated monitoring systems.
  • Agricultural biotechnology: use of novel molecular tools, beyond conventional breeding, genomic and gene editing approaches, to mitigate the impact of biotic and abiotic stress, increase farm productivity, and improve environmental sustainability.
  • Food processing innovation: development of novel solutions for food waste reduction, smart packaging, emerging food processing technologies and integrated supply chain solutions.
  • Biofiber utilization: novel utilization of wood resources, agriculture residues and waste streams from industrial crops.
  • Value-added biomass: development of bio-based products, processes, productions and systems to enhance the value of biofibres in Alberta.
  • Green construction: development of construction industrialization and sustainable building practices to increase productivity, improve efficiency, reduce environmental impact and achieve a low-carbon future throughout the building lifecycle.

Deadline Date

  Applications are accepted on a continuous basis and will be assessed in two phases: Intake and Full Proposal.


Contact Name: Virginia Mulligan, PhD Program Manager - Agri-Food Innovation or Rebecca Bruce, Business Partner - Bioindustrial Materials

Phone Number: 780.868.7417 or 780-306-3084

E-mail Address: or


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