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Agriculture Development Fund (ADF)


$15 million in ADF funding is available annually for public and private researchers.


The Agriculture Development Fund (ADF) supports the growth of the agriculture industry in Saskatchewan. ADF develops solutions to emerging problems that constrain production and value-added processing.

Eligible Applicants

Any person, business or organization with an idea that may be of practical value to Saskatchewan’s agriculture and food industry is encouraged to submit a Letter of Intent. The principal/lead investigator of the project must be a permanent full-time employee of an organization.

Eligible Expenses

Eligible expenses

  • Students, Postdoctoral Fellows, Technical Assistants;
  • Consultant Fees;
  • Equipment Rental;
  • Materials/Supplies;
  • Project Travel (conferences, field work, collaboration/consultation); and
  • Publication costs.

Deadline Date

Industry: Agriculture, Location: Saskatchewan ,
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