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Alberta – Jalisco │ Alberta Innovates




Alberta – Jalisco aims to provide assistance to for-profit SMEs from Alberta and Jalisco interested in entering into a joint project to develop strategic, industry-driven technology that involves novel and innovative products and materials leading to commercialization.

The program is designed to provide opportunities for Alberta and Jalisco SME’s to collaborate in technology development leading to commercialization opportunities and mutual benefit to both regions.

Areas of focus
This collaborative program is intended to improve opportunities for joint projects in innovative technology development and commercialization activities between Alberta and Jalisco in the priority areas of:

  • ICT – mobile, security, IoT, data analytics, interactive digital media, artificial intelligence, and robotics;
  • Life Sciences – e-personal health, e-health and e-agriculture;
  • Clean Technologies – environmental tech, green tech, renewable tech.

Eligible Applicants

  • be a for-profit SME;
  • demonstrate the relationship between the Alberta Applicant and the Jalisco Applicant does not create a conflict of interest;
  • have a physical presence in Alberta;
  • be a legal entity:
    • incorporated in Alberta; or
    • incorporated federally or in another jurisdiction and extra-provincially registered in Alberta;
    • a General Partnership, Limited Partnership or Limited Liability Partnership and registered in Alberta;
  • have no outstanding balance or otherwise owe money to Alberta Innovates or its subsidiaries

Eligible Expenses

To qualify for funding all projects must:

  • have the participation of at least one Applicant from each jurisdiction;
  • fall within the round priority areas of technology;
  • attend all program workshops and program related sessions (mandatory);
  • be completed within two (2) years from project beginning;
  • Jalisco applicant must be approved by COECYTJAL in Jalisco prior to application;
  • not be pure research in nature and must have potential for commercialization, including patents;
  • include a commitment to 4 face-to-face meeting during the term of the project

Deadline Date

Industry: Export, Location: Alberta ,
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