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Alberta Jobs Now Program




The Alberta Jobs Now program will provide up to $370 million to help private and non-profit businesses with job supports to get thousands of Albertans back to work. Employers can apply for funding to offset the cost of hiring and training unemployed or underemployed Albertans in new or vacant positions.

Eligible Applicants

Employers must:

  • Be incorporated (for businesses and some non-profit organizations), have a registered Trade Name (for sole proprietors) or be registered under (for non-profit organizations) an act of the legislature of a province or the Parliament of Canada for at least one year.
  • Be located and operational in Alberta.
  • Be hiring for new or vacant full time positions for at least 52 weeks.
  • Provide safe working conditions, be in good standing and comply with the Employment Standards Code, Occupational Health and Safety Act, Workers’ Compensation Act and all other applicable legislation and regulations.
    o Good standing is defined as: Workers compensation premiums are paid; no outstanding Occupational
    Health and Safety (OHS) convictions; and/or any Employment Standards orders are resolved.
  • Have met or currently meet all obligations to the province under previous grant agreements.
  • For sole proprietors, the following documentation must be provided.
    o Sole proprietors with coverage under the Workers’ Compensation Act must submit a Workers’
    Compensation Board (WCB-Alberta) clearance letter.
    o Sole proprietors in a WCB-Alberta exempt industry under the Workers’ Compensation Act must submit the
    following: A WCB-Alberta exempt industry letter; and; A copy of their federal payroll deductions or GST Registration.

Eligible Expenses

Employers can:

  • apply for a grant to offset salary or training costs, or both, equal to:
    • 25% of a new hire’s salary up to $25,000 per employee
    • 37.5% of the new hire’s salary up to $37,500 per employee with a disability
  • apply for up to 20 full-time new hires per intake period:
    • first intake: May 20 to August 31, 2021
    • second intake: September 15 to December 31, 2021
    • third intake: to be announced at a later date
  • choose to have payments issued in 1 or 2 payments:
    • 1 payment: up to 100% of the grant after new hires have been employed for 52 weeks
    • 2 payments:
      • half of the eligible grant paid when the new hires have been employed for 3 months
      • the other half paid when the new hires have been employed for 52 weeks

Deadline Date

  First intake open: May 20 to August 31, 2021; Second intake: September 15 to December 31, 2021; Third intake closed on June 30, 2022.
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