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Alberta LEANSTACK Accelerator Program | Alberta Innovates


Content and coaching valued at over $6000 USD


The Alberta LEANSTACK Accelerator Program is a four-month program presented by Alberta Innovates in conjunction with serial entrepreneur and LEANSTACK founder Ash Maurya.

Through one-on-one coaching, online tools and peer-to-peer support, teams will run sprints with the outcome of gaining traction and revenues or learning the problem isn’t worth solving. We encourage the whole team to participate in the accelerator.

LEANSTACK provides world-class tools, content and coaching to help founder teams systematically find product/market fit to scale their business.

Eligible Applicants

Apply to be one of the Alberta companies selected to attend if you are:

  • An innovative Alberta-based digital company,
    • We define a digital company as any company that relies on software development as core to one or more of its products and/or services and intends to rapidly scale in the global marketplace.
  • Incorporated in Alberta with an Alberta footprint,
  • Have a product and customers (could be at beta testing),
  • Less than $100 000 annual reoccurring revenue, and
  • Able to commit 15-20 hours a week to growing your business.

Eligible Expenses

Companies and founders will have access to content and coaching valued at over $6000 USD.

Deadline Date

September 14, 2020


Contact Name: Tara McCarthy (Program Associate - Entrepreneurial Investments)

Phone Number: 780-429-9337

E-mail Address:


Industry: Software/Technology, Location: Alberta ,
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