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Alberta Municipal Water/Wastewater Partnership – Water conservation


Up to 75% of project costs.


The Alberta Municipal Water/Wastewater Partnership (AMWWP), which launched in 1991, provides cost-shared funding to eligible municipalities to help build municipal facilities for water supply and treatment, and wastewater treatment and disposal. Eligible projects can receive up to 75% of project costs. Funding is calculated as a percentage of eligible project costs (rounded to 2 decimal points) based on the municipality’s official population when the grant is approved.

Eligible Applicants

Individual municipalities can apply for funding to support standalone facilities.

  • cities (under 45,000 population)
  • towns
  • villages
  • summer villages
  • regional commissions
    • regional commissions are eligible to receive funding for multi-municipal commission-owned water supply and treatment and wastewater treatment facilities as outlined in the project eligibility criteria below
    • municipalities that are part of a regional commission but require their own facilities can submit individual applications for funding
  • counties, municipal districts, Metis Settlements, and the special areas responsible for making applications on behalf of communities within their jurisdiction that have been:
    • deemed an eligible hamlet by Alberta Transportation and received prior approval under other water/wastewater programs, or
    • deemed an eligible hamlet by consisting of a group of 10 or more occupied dwellings, the majority of which are on titled parcels of less than 1,850 square metres of land with a:
      • defined boundary
      • distinct name
      • provision for non-residential uses

Eligible Expenses

This grant can cover the following costs:

  • construction costs
  • right-of-way acquisition and/or land costs, including expropriation costs
  • relocation and adjustment of associated utilities
  • engineering costs
  • survey fees
  • legal fees
  • advertising for tenders
  • other costs (such as audit fees)
  • interim financing costs on unpaid grants from the time of project completion until the grant is paid

Municipalities should contact Alberta Transportation to determine eligibility of other related costs.

Deadline Date

  November 30


Contact Name: Contact the Infrastructure Manager in your local Alberta Transportation Regional Office


Industry: Energy & Environment, Location: Alberta ,
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