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Alberta Small Business Innovation and Research Initiative




The intent of the program is to enable the development of solutions to end-users through the engagement of market pull technology concepts developed by Alberta Small and Medium Enterprises (“SME”s). The program provides funding support, mentorship, and potential first-client opportunities to develop technology solutions with real market potential.

Eligible Applicants

  • Be a SME
  • Exist as a provincially, extra-provincially or federally registered corporation which has legal status to operate on a for-profit basis in Alberta, and which retains a significant physical presence in Alberta
  • Show evidence of adequate operational capital and sound financial resources to develop and commercialize the innovation or technology
  • Be able to provide evidence of the viability of the technology or innovation and its value
  • Be an advanced technology-oriented business developing innovative new products or services for growing markets
  • Have a plan for applying the research results, and marketing or exploiting products or processes in the best interest of the Applicant, the End-user and the Alberta economy
  • Not have an outstanding balance or otherwise owe money to any Alberta Innovates Corporation organization, or any of their organization subsidiaries, or partners

Eligible Expenses

  • Related labour costs
  • Costs of materials
  • Acquisitions of property including capital improvements to facility premises and capital equipment
  • Acquisitions of software or information databases
  • Additional direct operating costs (incurred at reasonable market rates), not falling within the categories of labour and materials
  • Technology transfer to the Applicant from an Alberta public sector research organization
  • Costs related to travel (including mileage, airfare and accommodation)
  • Any other cost which AITF pre-approves in writing as an Eligible Expense

Deadline Date

Industry: Software/Technology, Location: Alberta ,
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