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Annual Programming Grants | Edmonton Arts Council




Programming grants support specific, relevant activity by non-profit organizations that may not need, want, or qualify for an operating investment relationship with the Edmonton Arts Council. Programming grants are assessed based on the impact of the activity and work on artists, artforms, audiences and communities. The amount of activity and work is a key measurement which influences granting. Programming grants may also seed new connections between an organization and the Edmonton Arts Council.

Eligible Applicants

To be eligible to request and receive an annual Programming grant, an applicant must:

  • Be a registered non-profit organization.
  • Undertake specific work within the City of Edmonton such as:
    • Artistic creation, production, presentation, the support of sectors or artistic disciplines in the Edmonton arts community, or the promotion of active participation in art making.
  • Conduct those activities on a regular, recurring basis.
  • Maintain their organizational profile in the in the EAC online portal (

Eligible Expenses

Programming Grant amounts are flexible and may rise and fall based on activity from year-to-year. Due to disruptions in activity caused by the pandemic, for applicants who have received grants from the EAC in the past, their most recent funding history will help establish funding levels for 2022.

Deadline Date

  December 1
Industry: Arts and Culture, Location: Alberta ,
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