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Artist Development Program | FACTOR:


75% of your eligible costs up to $2,000.


The Artist Development Program offers a subsidy toward a year of artist development activities including sound recording, touring and showcasing, video production, marketing and promotion.

Eligible Applicants

  • General Artist
  • Artist 2

Eligible Expenses

  • Sound recording: rehearsal space and equipment rentals, studio time, third-party personnel costs,mixing, mastering, artwork, photography, design;
  • Touring and showcasing: airfare, vehicle rental, gas, hotel rooms, registration fees, third-party personnel costs, marketing, advertising;
  • Video content creation: third-party production costs for music videos, lyric videos, and promotional content; and
  • Marketing: publicists, advertising, digital marketing, social media, website development

Deadline Date

  July 14, 2022


Contact Name: FACTOR

Phone Number: 416-696-2215

E-mail Address:


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