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Arts Abroad – Representation and Promotion | Canada Council for the Arts




The Representation and Promotion component of Arts Abroad funds travel linked to the international promotion of Canadian artists and artistic works. Grants are available for registered or incorporated Canadian arts organizations to represent Canadian artists and develop their presence internationally, and establish a place for Canadian arts practice in the global arts market. Grants are also available to foreign arts organizations that invite Canadian artists to present artistic works and to Canadian arts organizations that bring international buyers to Canada.

Eligible Applicants

Types of potential applicants to this component include:

  • support groups, organizations and shared platforms
  • national arts service organizations
  • festivals, presenters and touring networks
  • book and magazine publishers
  • agencies, management service organizations and art dealers
  • international literary, media arts and visual arts festivals

Eligible Expenses

Travel must be outside of Canada, at least 500 kilometers from your place of departure. You can apply for single or several destinations within 1 trip and for multiple trips within 1 application, to:

  • formally represent and promote Canadian artists (i.e. through a contractual relationship)
  • build on an existing tour (for artists’ representatives only)
  • bring international buyers to Canada
  • lead a Canadian delegation abroad

Deadline Date

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