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Arts Across Canada – Travel


Maximum $30,000


The Travel component of Arts Across Canada funds activities linked to Canadian presentation, exhibition, artistic collaboration, networking and building market opportunities for Canadian artists, arts professionals, artistic groups and arts organizations. Grants provide support to participate in significant events, build a national presence and for festivals and presenters to conduct research for Canadian artistic programming.

Eligible Applicants

Artists and curators

Arts professionals

Cultural connectors and sector builders (Equity arts sector)

Artistic groups and collectives

Artistic organizations

Festivals, presenters and touring networks

Eligible Expenses

Travel must be within Canada, at least 300 kilometres from your place of departure, and by invitation. You can apply for single or several destinations within 1 trip to:

Develop markets and networks (including participation in official showcases)

Present artistic work

Participate in significant events

Explore future artistic collaborations

Build on an existing tour (for a single representative of a group or organization)

Prospection for exhibition tours (directors and curators only)

Deadline Date



Contact Name: Canada Council for the Arts

Phone Number: 1-800-263-5588, ext. 4039

E-mail Address:


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