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Arts Building Operating Grant | Edmonton Arts Council


The Arts Building Operating Grant is a formula-based grant. Grants may be awarded, subject to availability of funds, to a maximum of 25% of an applicant’s total eligible expenses from their most recently completed annual financial statements as of the application deadline


The City of Edmonton and the Edmonton Arts Council recognize that arts facilities are an important part of the community. As with any public facility, the costs associated with maintaining it can often exceed what users of that facility can reasonably support on a per-use basis. The Arts Building Operating grant program exists to help ensure these facilities remain accessible by the public in the service of a range of
arts activities.

Eligible Applicants

Registered not-for-profit arts organizations that own or have long-term leases on concert halls, performing arts venues, nonprofit cinema facilities, and public art galleries in the corporate limits of the City of Edmonton are eligible to apply.

This excludes: educational institutions, recreation centres, community leagues, health facilities, churches, Provincial facilities such as the Jubilee Auditorium, and those owned and operated by the City of Edmonton such as the City Arts Centre.

Eligible Expenses

This program will invest in expenses directly associated with maintaining a clean, safe, and secure arts
space accessible by the public. This only includes:
• rent, lease or mortgage-interest costs
• core utilities costs such as heating, electricity, water
• regular cleaning (including snow removal required for access)
• security costs such as personnel and/or alarm and one monitoring telephone line
• minor repairs and upkeep of the facility not associated with programming
• insurance costs
• personnel costs dedicated to keeping the facility safe, clean, and secure
• If there are no designated personnel, the applicant may declare up to 25% of administrative personnel costs without justification. Real costs in excess of that limit must be defined and explained.

Deadline Date

  June 1 annually
Industry: Arts and Culture, Location: Alberta ,
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