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Arts Presentation Fund for COVID Recovery │ Edmonton Arts Council


between $500 and $10,000 per applicant.


In response to the impacts of COVID-19 gathering restrictions on the arts sector, the City of Edmonton allocated funds from the 2022 budget for artists to present and perform their work.

Grants will be available to presenters, including arts organizations, festivals, restaurants, community leagues and other live venues for the sole purpose of compensating artists that reside in Edmonton and its neighbouring areas, for performance or presentation in Edmonton.

Eligible Applicants

o be eligible for these funds, the applicant must demonstrate the following:

  • Artist fees must meet or exceed accepted professional rates, guided by the various arts service organizations and artist associations.
  • Artists presented must meet reasonable standards of quality within their community and/or art form.
  • Organizations, venues, and presenters must have the capacity to manage and deliver safe public presentation events.
  • Performances or presentations must be generally accessible to the public, even if there is a reasonable cost to attend, or health-screening measures in place.

Normally, these funds will not be available to:

  • Artists or collectives that self-present
  • Presentations that are targeted to educational outcomes or audiences, such as school performances.
  • Activity where the primary purpose is to present stock for sale, such as in a store, craft fair, or commercial art gallery.
  • Activity where the primary purpose is to replay recorded media, such as a film presentation or DJ, unless there is active presentation/participation aspect with the eligible artist that created the work.
  • Weddings, corporate parties, political events, private closed-door events, or other presentations that are inaccessible to the public for any reason, including high ticket costs.

Eligible Expenses

These funds are managed by the Edmonton Arts Council (EAC) on the following basis:

  • To support artist fees and payments related to presentation and performance
  • To encourage downtown revitalization, and neighbourhood vibrancy
  • To provide opportunities for artists from equity seeking groups
  • To aid in Edmonton’s economic recovery from COVID-19

Deadline Date

Industry: Arts and Culture, Location: Alberta ,
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